Our on-board courier

We like to introduce our on-board courier with three examples from our daily business.

Automotive Parts

The majority of our OBC shipments comes from the automotive sector. Especially in this industry "just in time" is a MUST to avoid production delays and cost intensive stops. We see our-selves as a direct link between suppliers and manufacturers.

In particular for the automotive industry and their suppliers, we handled in the past few years thousands of OBCs on our "race tracks" in the United States (Greenville, Tuscaloosa) as well as to South Africa and Mexico.

AOG (Aircraft on Ground)

Take advantage of our AOG and Marine parts logistics to avoid cancellations and/or unnecessary waiting time and cost. With our on-board courier we are able to ensure a smooth operation and production flow.

When every minute counts we are there.


Also for the carriage of samples or prototypes on-board courier service is often used.

Our couriers regularly take care of valuable and sensitive computer or semiconductor parts to move them safely and in time to their destination.

24-7 Service:

+49 (0)214 - 61 291

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